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Glossary of Terms

Fourslide Terminology

Glossary of Terms- A four-slide, also known as a Multislide, multi-slide, or four-way, is a metalworking machine tool used in the high volume manufacture of small stamped components from bar or wire stock. In certain situations, a Fourslide or Multislide machine and process is recommended over a Punch Press method of manufacture. Usually, a part produced from a Fourslide machine is more cost effective than parts manufactured with a progressive die on a Punch Press. Reasons given are that the process generally uses less material than required for a progressive die. Additionally, the shapes and final configuration of parts can be more complex than are possible in a progressive die. Secondary operations such as tapping, etc. are also more easily integrated into the tooling process to manufacture a part "Complete" during the primary operation.
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Stamping Terminology

- Metal stamping is the process in which small, simple or complex shapes are punched-out in a continuous sheet of metal (blank) by using instruments such as punches and dies. Complex shapes are generated by successively stamping the metal sheet with punches of different shapes, starting with a rough shape, to the final punch. Stamping is a high volume production method and machines called presses that can generate 100 or more strokes per minutes are used. By using metal stamping, pieces of metal can be made into a three-dimensional object from a flat piece of metal. The object will also be stronger than if it was machined by any other process. Metal stamping can also be used on a piece of metal to make a relief design. ( PDFclick here (PDF - 46KB) to see PSS's complete Stamping Terminology).

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Coiling Terminology

- The main two types of industrial coil springs are tension/extension and compression springs with torsion springs in a subcategory. There are variations of these depending on mechanism and industry. Typically, you find these industrial springs in automobiles, mechanical tools, household mechanisms and more. All coil springs store energy and provide resistance depending on the application.

Metals used in making coil springs include steel, alloy, aluminum, titanium, phosphor, bronze and more. Once you know what metal you want to make your coil spring, you then have a choice of finish for your spring. The possibilities seem endless when you purchase springs.
For a list of Terminology PDFclick here (PDF - 151KB).

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  Standard Industry Specific Terminology

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